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Village of Kinderhook


Water bills are mailed out to all Village residents semiannually on April 1st and October 1st. Water meters are read during the months of March & September. Residents with outside meters should make sure there is clear access so it can be read. If you have an inside meter and the reader was unable to obtain the reading, please call the Village Hall to report your reading. If you do not have an outside reader and wish to have one installed, please contact the DPW at 518-758-9225 to schedule an appointment. Residents and real estate agencies should remember that a meter reading should be done prior to the sale of any Village property. You need to contact the Village Office at least three days prior to the closing, so that arrangements can be made to read the meter before the closing date.

Our water system serves approximately 1300 persons through 613 service connections. Our water source is ground water from the Schodack Aquifer drawn from four wells ranging between 28 and 36 feet deep that are located on Hudson St. near the Kinderhook Creek. The water is treated with chlorine during distribution only when the pumps are running. On April 8, 2013 we introduced Ortho Phosphate to our water system. The design and usage of this product has been approved by the New York State Health Department and the Columbia County Health Department. In recent months we have had problems with sediment which includes Manganese and Iron into homes. This product benefits include: controls iron and manganese minimizing rusty and dirty water in the system, reduces discoloration, staining, and mineral build-up resulting in fewer customer complaints, diminishes calcium scale deposits typically seen in hot water lines and heaters and saves money by reducing corrosion and scale; lowering chlorine demand and decreasing hydrant flushing, leaks and failures. It will also lower the hardness of the water by up to thirty percent. In the event that you experience discoloration in your water, run an inside or outside faucet for a few minutes and this should alleviate the discoloration. This product is FDA and EPA approved. For more information go to www.caruscorporation.com or contact the Village Hall.” Please add the following: The Village of Kinderhook does NOT add Fluoride to the water system.


Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2022 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2021 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2020

Water from faucet is cloudy with bubbles?



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