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Village of Kinderhook

Building Permits
Code Enforcement / Zoning Enforcement Office
Trevor Bean, 518-758-8778, ext.302

Office hours are: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30-10:30 am 

Tuesday and Thursday 7:00-10:00 am 

Inspections by appointment Monday-Saturday up to 7:00 pm

Appointments can be made for any time. After hours or in case of an emergency, please call his voice mail at 518-758-8778 ext 302.


Building permits are documents that are obtained authorizing the start of construction or remodeling of a building in the Village of Kinderhook. The types of permits that may be required are as follows:

Building Permit:
New construction, additions, alterations, repairs to either residential or non-residential buildings. This includes garages, decks, sheds, fences, siding, roofing, etc.

Electrical Permit:
New installations, additions, extension, alterations, changes, fire and accident repairs of any electrical wiring and electrical equipment associated with a structure or project. Separate permits are required for wiring, fixtures, furnaces and construction poles. For convenience, the wiring, fixtures and furnaces may be combined on one permit if they are included on the original application.

Plumbing Permit:
New installation, removal, alterations, repair or replacement of any plumbing, gas or drainage piping work. A separate permit is required for each building or structure.

Sign Permit:
New installations, alterations, repair or replacement of free-standing or building-fastened signage.

Razing Permit (Demolition):
A separate permit is required for each building or structure that is removed from the premises.
Swimming pools above ground or in ground.
Chimneys, fireplaces or wood stoves.

Minor improvements typically not needing a permit include:

  • Interior or exterior painting;
  • Installing draperies or blinds;
  • Installing carpeting or resilient floor covering;
  • Building store fixtures (display cases);
  • Building uncovered concrete patios;
  • Changing lighting fixtures; and minor repairs.

The above examples are only some of the exempted projects, which are listed in various code books. Not all exempted projects have been included. Please contact the Building Department at (518) 758-8778 ext. 302 for additional information. Some minor projects are allowed without obtaining building permits. However, depending upon the project, other permits (occupancy, special events, etc.) may be required. In either case, the construction of such projects should be in conformance with all applicable codes.

Building permits issued in the Village of Kinderhook are valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.
1) First renewal for an additional 6 mos. $25.00
2) Second renewal for an additional 6 mos. $50.00
3) Third renewal for an additional 6 mos. $75.00
4) Fourth renewal for additional 6 mos. $100.00

(If permits are not renewed as scheduled. The progressive fee schedule applies at the time of a request for Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance) i.e., if permit lapses for 18 months after the first 6 months, a fee of $25.00 + $50.00 + $75.00 =$150.00 is levied. A Certificate of Compliance or Occupancy will not be issued if renewal fees are not paid. Call the Building Department for clarification or additional information.

Download Building Permit Application

Building Permit Fee Schedules:
Permit Fees For Garages, Sheds Decks, Pools, Fences & misc. Fee Schedule For Residential Building Permits

Just a friendly reminder pertaining to the Village of Kinderhook Code on displaying Political signs; Chapter 130-19 section C Paragraph 16 states: “Posters, Temporary, nonpermanent posters covering such things as political events, sporting events, shows and elections shall not be displayed until four weeks prior to event and must be removed within five days after the event. Nosuch signs should be attached to a tree or utility pole.” Thank you in advance for adhering to the Code and making the Village a beautiful place to be.

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